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What Our Clients Have to Say

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of CaipsCanada for the purpose of obtaining the copy of my complete file from IRCC. CaipsCanada did a good job. Thanks.
• Sumedha Sharma
From Toronto, CANADA
I took the services of CaipsCanada to get GCMS notes from IRCC as my study visa got refused. They gave me good service.
• Rahul Mahajan
From Chandigarh, INDIA
CaipsCanada applied to obtain copy of my complete filr from IRCC which my previous agent submitted for my study visa. I found that he did not submit SOP with my file so it got refused as I could not prove my ties with my country.
• Abhishek
From Delhi, INDIA
I would suggest you all to get a copy of Caips notes before you apply for your visa again. I got my notes and came to know the exact reason behind my refusal. CaipsCanada legal expert helped me to understand notes, in detail, and reapply.
• Poorvi
From Shimla, INDIA
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